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Crockford Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area - Armuchee, GA

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Pigeon Mountain is a beautiful plateau just west of the city of La Fayette, Georgia. The mountain is part of the Cumberland Plateau, which stretches from Alabama through Georgia and into Tennessee. The area is under the supervision of the Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division.  The name "Pigeon" comes from the passenger pigeon which once nested here in great numbers and is now extinct. The name "Crockford" is from the former Director of the Wildlife Resources Division, James Crockford. The mountain is known for its many caves and limestone rock formations. The best known cave is Ellison Cave. The area is not heavily visited, so it is a great place to get away from it all.


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Hiking Pigeon Mountain has miles of trails ranging from easy to difficult. Most trails allow horseback riding and biking. There are many unmarked trails which I hope to map them soon. For now the marked trails are on the map. Look on map for trail locations.
Trail Difficulty Level Description
Orange Blaze Moderate-Difficult The northern part of this trail is about 3 miles long and rather difficult. The southern part of the trail is about 7 miles long and mostly moderate. It runs along the east side of the mountain and end at the top. The total marked part of the trail is about 10 miles.
Blue Blaze Moderate This loop trail is known as the Pocket trail. Located at the end of Pocket Road, which is off of Hogjowl Rd, just past the church. The trail begins at 920 feet and reaches the highest point of 2330 feet at "High Point".  There is a waterfall along with wild flowers, wildlife, a wide range of geological formations, and an excellent birding area with great scenery.
White Blaze Easy - Moderate This trail is the longest in the area, with over 11 miles of mostly flat wooded areas. Like the Pocket trail, it also has some geological formations and reached "High Point".
Green Blaze Easy This short trail connects the white blaze trail at "Bluebird Gap" with the Orange Blaze trail.
Pink Blaze Easy This is known as the "Rocktown" trail. Located at the end of Rocktown road, off of Rocky Lane. The trail begins at a small gravel parking area and finishes at "Rocktown".
Hunting and Fishing Deer hunting season is in November and December for several days each month. Turkey season is from March 20 to May 15. Check with the ranger station to register. There are only a few small creeks and ponds in the area which do not favor much fishing.
Hang Gliding At Hood Overlook there is an excellent location to launch off..
Caving There are many caves in the area. The best known cave is Ellison Cave.
Biking Biking is allowed on all trails except Rocktown trial. The trails are great for mountain biking, street bikes are not recommended due to most roads being gravel or dirt.
Horseback Riding Horseback riding is permitted in all trails except Rocktown trail. Best trail is White Blaze or just use the gravel and closed roads.
Rock Climbing There are many great towering geological limestone formations which are great for expert and beginners. I've seen many climbers at Rocktown.
Camping Camping is permitted in the area except for Rocktown, although I've seen many people camping there. No showers, bathrooms, or water/electric facilities are available, it is strictly a primitive camping area.
Birding/Wildlife Most trails provide excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife. Many deer, turkey, black bears, and rabbits.
4 wheel drive There are many unmarked roads on the plateau excellent for 4 wheel'n. Any of the roads are used during hunting season and may be closed in the off seasons.

Areas of Interest

        Rocktown is located at the end of Rocktown Road, just off of Rocky Lane. The trail begins at a small gravel parking area. The trail is about 1 mile one way and rather flat and very easy. The trail ends at Rocktown, which is an awesome place for rock climbing or just investigating. I guess its named that because the geological formations in the area make it seem like a small town made of towering rocks. There are many interesting mazes and corridors all through the rocks. In some areas you can climb to the top and actually be on top of the surrounding tree line. Its a great place to wonder and explore or just have a picnic. 

Park Times and Information

Contact Regional Supervisor, Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division, 2592 Floyd Springs Road, Armuchee, GA 30105; (706)295-6041. Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division, 2070 U.S. 278, S.E., Social Circle, GA 30279; (404)918-6416 or (706)557-3035.

Some information has been provided by GA State Parks Dept.

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