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Caddo Parish Parks

caddo.gif (2791 bytes)

Noah Tyson Park

9300 Mira-Myrtis Rd, Rodessa, LA. 71069
Phone (318)929-2806

Noah_Tyson.gif (14829 bytes)

This 9-acre park along Black Bayou Lake provides a boat ramp with dock, a family pavilion with restrooms, playground equipment and picnic tables with grills.

Robert L. Nance Park

14770 Odom Road, Hosston, LA. 71043
Phone (318)929-2806

Robert_L_Nance.gif (9610 bytes)

This 20-acre park along Black Bayou Lake in Hosston provides a boat ramp, restrooms, playground equipment and picnic tables with grills.

Earl Williamson Park

11425 LA Hwy 1Oil City, LA 71060
Phone (318)995-7139
Earl_G_Willamson.gif (8885 bytes)
This 40-acre park provides a public boat ramp, a 450-foot fishing pier, paved parking areas, restrooms with showers, RV camper hook-ups, areas for tent camping, extensive picnic facilities, two playgrounds, volleyball nets, a lighted ball-field, lighted tennis courts and a swimming area. A park ranger lives on the park premises, and provides security and some maintenance. *RV camping is available for $8.00 / night and tent camping costs $4.00 / night. A $2.00 sewage disposal fee is charged for campers not staying overnight in the park.

Horace M. Downs Park
8571 Crouch Dam Rd, Mooringsport, LA. 71060
Phone (318)929-2806
Horace_Downs.gif (10848 bytes)
This 8.5-acre park provides picnic tables, grills and a portable toilet. It is used primarily by fishermen and for family picnics.

Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park
8012 Blanchard Furrh Road, Shreveport, LA. 71107
Phone (318)929-2806
Walter_Jacobs.gif (10975 bytes)
Located 3 miles west of Blanchard, the 160-acre nature park contains a pine-oak-history forest accessible by 5 miles of nature trails. The park has an interpretive building, a pavilion with restrooms, a handicapped-accessible trail and three full-time naturalist who provide information and interpretation to park visitors. Nature-oriented programs are available on an appointment basis
Nature park staff also assist with native animal rehabilitation and can be consulted regarding the disposition of injured vertebrates. Baby mammals and birds should not be removed from their locations without first consulting with one of the naturalists or the director.

The nature park also serves as the site of a regional tree growing out station.

Hawkins Lear Park
Montana Street, Shreveport, LA. 71107
Phone (318)929-2806
Hawkins_Lear.gif (11393 bytes)

Located at the end of Montana Street, north of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, this 5.5-acre neighborhood park provides a basketball court, playground equipment and picnic tables. The park provides walk-in access only for the neighborhood.

Richard Fleming Park

7919 West Lakeshore Dr, Shreveport, LA. 71107
Phone (318)929-2806
Richard_Fleming.gif (10900 bytes)
Located on Fordney Bayou where it empties into Cross Lake, this 15-acre park provides two boat ramps, a 60-foot dock, a paved parking area, a handicapped-accessible fishing pier, handicapped-accessible restrooms, picnic tables with grills, a pavilion and two playgrounds. A large grass field provides a place for play and a long peninsula along Fordney Bayou offers an attractive area for fishing and to the birdwatcher.

P.B.S. Pinchback Park
7903 Jefferson Paige Rd, Shreveport, LA. 71119
Phone (318)929-2806
pbs.gif (13809 bytes)
This 10-acre park provides playground equipment, a ball field, a basketball court, a volleyball area, covered picnic sites with grills, a restroom and an asphalt walking/jogging path around the park. The park is well used for group events, such as family reunions.

Stoner Hill Park
Corner of Olive and Acorn, Shreveport, LA. 71101
Phone (318)929-2806
stonerhill.gif (7689 bytes)
Located at the corner of Olive and Acorn Streets, this park provides playground equipment, and an asphalt walking/jogging path.

Greenbrook Park
South Emerald Loop, Shreveport, LA. 71106
Phone (318)929-2806
Greenbrook.gif (13596 bytes)
Located off South Emerald Loop east of St. Vincent Avenue, this 2-acre neighborhood park provides playground equipment and open space for the Greenbrook Community. The park includes a small basketball court and a walking/jogging path.

Robert G. Lawton Jr. Playground
Rolling Ridge Subdivision, Greenwood, LA. 71033
Phone (318)929-2806
Robert_Lawton.gif (12572 bytes)
This small 1/2-acre neighborhood park provides playground equipment and picnic tables for the Rolling Ridge Subdivision.

Milton James "Hookie" Cameron Memorial Park
10500 Wallace Lake Rd, Shreveport, LA. 71106
Phone (318)929-2806
Milton_James.gif (7728 bytes)
This one-acre park located at the south end of Wallace Lake Road provides a large parking area, a boat ramp and picnic tables. It is primarily used by outdoorsmen to launch boats.

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